The IG2 2 kV Sputter Ion Source Package

Low Cost Sputter Cleaning
With New Easy-to-Operate 32-175 Controller

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Explore the cutting-edge solutions offered by RBD Instruments. From state-of-the-art Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) systems to innovative water vapor desorption technologies, ion sputter cleaning packages, and precise electron/ion current measuring solutions, our products promise to revolutionize your approach to surface analysis and materials science.

Compact Auger Analyzers



An affordable surface-sensitive analytical tool designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing vacuum chamber setup.
Includes a USB interface and Windows acquisition and data massage software.

USB Picoammeters



Discover the versatile 9103 Picoammeter: floats up to +/- 5000 V DC. Rugged, portable, and affordable.
Comes with data logging, graphing software, and ASCII programmability for seamless integration.

Ion Source Packages


IG2 2kv
High Performance

RBD provides a diverse array of sputter ion source packages for optimal sample cleaning and depth profiling.
From simple and inexpensive to high performance, we have you covered.

Water Vapor Desorption Systems


VB Infrared Bakeout
miniZ Compact System

Enhance vacuum chamber performance with UVC-based and IR-based water vapor desorption / oxidative hydrocarbon removal systems.
Achieve faster pump down times and superior ultimate vacuum levels.


PHI / PerkinElmer Service and Parts

For 33+ years, RBD has excelled in servicing, upgrading, and supplying legacy PHI/Physical Electronics systems. Our renowned support and industry-standard AugerScan and AugerMap PC upgrades simplify operation.

Additionally, as a top supplier of refurbished PHI components, we extend the lifespan of older AES and XPS surface analysis systems.

Refurbished Components

System Upgrade and Software

Replacement Parts and Components