20-042 X-ray Source High Voltage Power Supply

Drop-in Replacement for the PHI 14-040 & 22-040 15 kV X-ray Source High Voltage Power Supplies.

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The PHI 14-040 and 22-040 15kV X-ray source high voltage power supplies are starting to have more frequent malfunctions as they approach 30 years of service.  Although most PHI units can still be repaired to the component level, these X-ray high voltage supplies were manufactured as OEM for PHI by Hippotronics and some of the critical parts have become obsolete.

In order to extend the service life of PHI XPS system we are providing a drop in replacement for the PHI 14-040, 22-040 and 20-040 X-ray high voltage power supplies. The RBD 20-042 X-ray source High Voltage power supply is is now available.

This supply will not only work as a drop in replacement for the above mentioned PHI units; it can also serve as a replacement for other manufacturers’ X-ray source systems including SPECS, VG and VSW.



Parameter Specification
Input Voltage Up to 600W: 105-125V RMS at 5 Amps maximum (50-60Hz)
Output Voltage Continuously adjustable from zero to maximum output voltage rating of power supply
Voltage Regulation Line: Better than ±-0.005% over specified input range. Load: 0.005% for full
Current Regulation Line: Better than ±-0.005% over specified input range.
Load: Better than 75uA for a 75% change in compliance voltage
Ripple 0.005%
Temp Coefficient 100PPM/°C over the range of zero to 60°C
Stability 0.01% / hour. 0.03% / 8 hours
Controls Power (HV On), Output voltage (10-turn potentiometer), Output current (10-turn potentiometer)
Indicators Power (HV On), Output voltage (meter ±2% of full scale), Output current (meter ±2% of full scale), Mode of operation
Connectors High Voltage: Optional high voltage cable
Input Power Cord: 3-wire line cord
Low Voltage: Rear mounted barrier terminal block for external interlock, voltage programming, current programming, and voltage & current monitors