BC-3 Vacuum Chamber Bakeout Controller

Total control of vacuum bakeout process

BC-3 Bakeout Controller

The BC-3 Vacuum Chamber Bakeout Controller provides total control of your vacuum chamber bakeout process. The BC-3 not only controls the power to the heat source, it also uses thermocouple feedback to regulate the temperature of the vacuum chamber. The vacuum interlock feature is a must-have for any ion-pumped chamber. If you are currently using a Variac to control heat tapes or an IR emitter, the BC-3 is a safe alternative.

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  • Variable control of output voltage
  • Thermocouple-regulated temperature control
  • Timer up to 999 minutes with remote start capability
  • Integrated Vacuum Interlock relay to limit pressure in chamber
  • Ability to control two IR emitters or heating tapes
  • Available in 120 VAC or 230 VAC  - Europe and Asia power plug options


Installation and Operation Manual

VB Bakeout System Manual