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Serving the Materials and Surface Science Industries for 30 Years

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RBD Instruments was founded in 1990 as a parts and service supplier for PHI (Perkin Elmer, Physical Electronics) Auger, XPS, and SIMS systems and components. Over the next 30 years, our company has become the world-wide leader in the development of software and hardware upgrade products for many legacy surface analysis systems.

Since then, RBD has gone on to produce innovative products for the high-vacuum and ultra high-vacuum industries. Our customers include world-leading research centers, universities, and manufacturers, such as:

3M · Argonne National Labs · Boeing · Brookhaven National Lab · Caltech · Carnegie Mellon University · CERN · DOW Chemical · Harvard University · Johns Hopkins University · Lawrence Berkeley National Labs · Lockheed Martin · Los Alamos · Max Plank Institute · Medtronic · MIT · Motorola · NASA · NIST · Northrop Grumman · NREL· Oakridge National Labs · Sandia National Labs · Stanford University · Yale University


RBD Innovations


RBD's philosophy has been to design products that solve problems not always addressed by other companies. From water vapor desorption systems to complete compact Auger analysis systems, RBD's diverse selection of products and services provides our customers with solutions unique to the industry.
Our product line includes:

Compact Auger Analyzers
USB Picoammeters
Water Vapor Desorption Systems
Ion Source Packages


RBD PHI Legacy

Legacy Products and Services

RBD is still a premier provider of service, parts, support, and upgrades for legacy PHI /Physical Electronics / Perkin Elmer Auger, XPS and SIMS systems. We've built a reputation for unparalleled support, and our AugerScan and AugerMap PC upgrades for these systems are now the industry standard.

RBD is also a leading supplier of refurbished PHI systems and components. These systems and components are especially suited to labs and facilities where budget is a concern; modern hardware interfaces and replacement parts have extended the lifetime of these products well beyond expectation.

Refurbished Systems and Components
System Upgrades and Software
Optics Parts
Electronic Parts
Ultra-high Vacuum Parts


RBD TechSpot Blog

RBD TechSpot is a great resource for free technical information on older Physical Electronics XPS and AES systems and components, as well as for additional information on calibration, maintenance, and use of RBD products.

Since 2012, RBD Techspot has been providing frequent posts and updates. Index and search functions are available for all products and categories.

You can always access the blog from the menu button on the top of all RBD Instruments' pages, and can sign up separately for notifications - just go to the upper right hand corner of the blog and enter your email address.

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