PHI Optics Parts

Replacement parts for many older PHI / PerkinElmer Auger, XPS, and SIMS systems.

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When returning an item to RBD that has been installed in a vacuum chamber please fill out this Non-Contamination Form and return it with the item.

Sputter Ion Source Parts

  • Tungsten filaments
  • Dual filament Yttrium coated Iridium
  • Screen, extractor cap / ionizer grid
    (for RBD IG2, and PHI 04-165, 04-161, 04-162, 04-191, and 04-192 ion sources)
  • 04-303 ionizer assembly repair or rebuild (w/exchange)
    (average lifetime 1100 hours)
  • 04-303 grid (self-install) ● Installation VideoAlignment Video
  • 06-350 ionizer assembly rebuild (w/exchange)


XPS Model 04-500, 04-548 X-ray Source Parts

  • 15kV dual anode recoating service, exchange
    Customer's anode is subject to inspection by RBD Instruments before it can qualify as an exchange.
  • Slotted Silver Specimen XPS Small Spot Alignment Standard
  • 04-500/548 Football ceramic
  • Old style 04-500/548 Filament (no exchange
  • X-Ray Source retainer ring, collimator, and windows
  • Fixed Resistor, 1K ohm, 15kv
  • 5/16 Teflon tubing for x-ray source
  • Notched ceramic
  • High-voltage cables and connectors
  • New style 04-500/548 Filament ● DatasheetInstallation Video


Miscellaneous Optics Parts

  • UTI 100C RGA filament set
  • 04-085 Neutralizer Ceramic
  • USB Camera for system microscope (can be used with existing PHI system microscope)
  • System Microscope with lenses and mounting hardware
  • Dynode for 660
  • 600/660 Objective Coil
  • 04-303 HV replacement cable
  • Bristol wrenches and screwdrivers
  • X-Ray Source Tool Kit


Electron Source Filaments

  • LaB6 filaments for PHI 660 systems
  • C75-010 filaments (for 10-155, 15-255G, 25-267/270, and 04-015 neutralizers) - refurbished, new, and alignments
  • Tungsten filament for 04-090 and 04-085 (rebuild w/exchange)


Electron Multipliers

  • Electron multipliers for PHI AES and XPS analyzers
  • Channeltron for SCD, CMA, and SIMS


Heat Exchanger Deionizer Parts

  • Deionizer cartridge and particle filters
  • Water pump for 16-020 and 16-050 chiller (Replaces Procon-type pump)
  • 120 VAC Flow Switch (1.5gpm )
  • Voltage Converter Kit for 120VAC Flow Switch to 220VAC
  • Crydom Relay for 16-050 and 16-020


Gas Bottles and Refills


RBD Instruments provides a re-fill service for Argon 25cc and 50cc gas bottles used on PHI 04-3030 and 06-350 ion sources.  Our refill service costs a small fraction of what a new bottle costs.

Important: When returning an empty bottle to RBD to be refilled, the valve must be left in the open position. If the valve isn't left open, fees and penalties may be incurred. Any and all such fees will be charged back to the company that shipped the bottle to RBD.

International Customers: 25cc bottles cannot be shipped to locations outside of the USA. If you have a 25cc bottle you would like to refill, you may send it to RBD for a credit towards the purchase of a 50cc bottle.

Gas bottle replacement procedure

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