3kV Ion Source Package

A complete, low beam energy, large area ion sputter package

3kV Ion Source Package

3kV Large Area Ion Source and Controller

RBD's 3kV Large-Area Ion Sputter Package comprises an electron discharge source, power supply, and cable. Designed to operate as low as 100 eV, the 3 kV ion source provides a large 10 mm spot size, uses argon gas, and does not require differential pumping.

The package includes ion source, electronic control unit, sample current meter, cabling, operating manual and a spare filament assembly.

Data Sheet
Source Schematic
Beam Performance



  • High beam currents at low beam energy
  • Broad 10 mm spot with no raster required
  • Long working distance; avoids conflict with other instrumentation
  • Dual filaments
  • UHV compatible



  • 2.75" mounting flange
  • Flange to target distance of up to 12"
  • Operating Pressure – typically 5 x 10-6 Torr
  • Beam current – 1 uA @ 100 eV to 18 uA @1 kV to 3 kV
  • Beam voltage – variable 0 to 3 kV
  • Filaments – dual Tungsten/Thoria
  • Gas Inlet Flange - 34 mm OD CF (separate leak valve required)


Theory of Operation

The 3 kV Ion Source is an oscillating electron discharge source with electrostatic extraction and focusing lens. Argon gas is leaked directly into the discharge chamber where ions are formed at a selected energy of between 100 and 3000eV. The ions are extracted and focused into a spot of approximately 10mm diameter at the sample surface where the impact of the energetic ions physically removes surface material.