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3kV Ion Source Package

A complete, low beam energy, large area ion sputter package compatible with all inert gasses

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3kV Ion Source Package

3kV Large Area Ion Source and Controller

RBD's 3kV Large-Area Ion Sputter Package comprises an electron discharge source, power supply, and cable. Designed to operate as low as 100 eV, the 3 kV ion source provides a large 10 mm spot size and is compatible with all inert gasses and does not require differential pumping.

The package includes ion source, electronic control unit, sample current meter, cabling, operating manual and a spare filament assembly.

Data Sheet
Source Schematic
Beam Performance



  • High beam currents at low beam energy
  • Broad 10 mm spot with no raster required
  • Long working distance; avoids conflict with other instrumentation
  • Dual filaments
  • UHV compatible



  • 2.75" mounting flange
  • Flange to target distance of up to 12"
  • Operating Pressure – typically 5 x 10-6 Torr
  • Beam current – 1 uA @ 100 eV to 18 uA @1 kV to 3 kV
  • Beam voltage – variable 0 to 3 kV
  • Filaments – dual Tungsten/Thoria
  • Gas Inlet Flange - 34 mm OD CF (separate leak valve required)


Theory of Operation

The 3 kV Ion Source is an oscillating electron discharge source with electrostatic extraction and focusing lens. Inert gas is leaked directly into the discharge chamber where ions are formed at a selected energy of between 100 and 3000eV. The ions are extracted and focused into a spot of approximately 10mm diameter at the sample surface where the impact of the energetic ions physically removes surface material.