Parts that fail in older PHI electronic units

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Common parts that fail in various older PHI electronic units

This post lists common parts that fail in various PHI electronic units such as electron gun controls, analyzer controls and electron multiplier supplies. The part designations show an example of where a partial part may be used in a control. These are not necessarily the specific parts that fail.

If you need help repairing one of these units RBD provides technical support, factory repair service and loaner units.

Model Number Part Designation Part description
11-010 Electron Gun Control Q11 2n5401 transistor
  C1, C2 .25MF 2500V capacitor
  V1, V2 8068 Tube
  Q3, Q5 TIP30C transistor
  Q4 MJE340 transistor
  Q1 MJE3055 transistor
  Q2 TIP29 transistor
  Q3 SPX314-4A opto coupler
11-065 Ion Gun Control U1 Error control board 308 op amp
  Q4 Error control board MSP3704 transistor
  Q3 Error control board 2N3053 transistor
  U7 Error control board AD2700 Voltage reference
  U6 Getter pump board 7400 NAND gate IC
  U9 Raster control card 1595 multiplier IC
  Q12 Deflection amp board MPSU60 transistor
  Q6 Deflection amp board MJ205 transistor
  C1,C4 Deflection amp board 60 MF 500V capacitor
  U9 HV board 2 4151 VFC
  U6 HV board 2 SPX314-1B opto coupler
11-500 Analyzer Control IC1 556 preamp module 1009 Op amp
  T1 603882 (681) board Modulation transformer
20-070A C3, C6 Deflection board 100MF 250V electrolytic cap
  IC3 675 +/- 15V board 7815 regulator
  IC4 675 +/- 15V board 7915 regulator
  IC3 Video processor board LF13333 switch IC
  Q2, 3 Deflection amplifier MPSU10 transistor
  Q4, 8 Deflection amplifier MPSU60 transistor
20-805 Analyzer Control D46,47 1N5378 Zener diode
  Q4 TIP53 transistor
  V1 8068 Tube
  Q3 2n5401 transistor
  IC8 101A op amp
  IC12, 13 7815 regulator
20-620/622 Electron Gun Control C3 7500 UF capacitor 75V
  C4 13000 UF capacitor 20 V
  CR1,2,3 MDA970-2 bridge rectifier
  U14 Lens control board DAC 3331C-14-2
  U24 Lens control board AD7541 DAC
  AR8 Lens control board 208A op amp
  Q3 Deflection bd 1 MJ205 transistor
  Q5 Deflection bd 1 MPSu60 transistor
  C17,C19 Deflection bd 2 75 UF 450V capacitor
  F1,2,3 4 amp fuse slow blow pigtail
32-095 X-ray source control VR6 3524 regulator
  VR4 PIC 645 switching regulator
32-100 Electron multiplier supply U7 AD7541 DAC
  U1 AM25LS2538 decoder
  Q20 2N 3904 transistor
  Q19 2N5337 transistor
32-150 U5 74116 4 bit latch
  U14 9331-16 DAC
  K1 5 kilovolt relay
DIGIII Ion Gauge Control VR601 power supply bd LM 323 regulator
  VR 602 power supply bd LM 340T regulator
  VR 603 power supply bd LM 320 T regulator
  BR 603 power supply bd 1000V PIV 1.5amp- bridge rect.
  C 602 power supply bd 100uF 25V capacitor
  C 605, 608 power supply bd 47uf 25V capacitor
  C 601 power supply bd 4700 MF 16C capacitor
  C 604 330 Uf 25V capacitor

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