DR11 data entry

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DR11 data entry for older PHI electronics

Most of the digitally controlled power supplies on PHI card rack based and older stand alone power supply surface analysis systems used HEX commands to produce output voltages. By following the calibration procedures that are included with the manuals for the system the individual units and cards can be calibrated. Following the calibration procedure step by step is an integral part of the troubleshooting process when a unit or card is malfunctioning.  Some of the power supplies and controls used on PHI systems have high voltage, so be sure that you refer all testing and calibration to personnel properly trained to work safely with high voltage.

For systems that use the RBD 147 interface unit, the diagnostics that are included in the AugerScan program provide an easy way to load the DR11 data commands to the boards per the specific calibration procedure.

To use the 147 to enter calibration commands first open the System- Diagnostics dialog box in the AugerScan program.


147 diagnostic dialog box

In the DR11 section (shown in the above image), select the port and CSR bit for the unit that you are calibrating or troubleshooting. See the list below for the Port and CSR assignments for PHI units used on scanning Auger and XPS systems.

Enter the Data and then depress the Write button.

You can enter either Hex or Octal data. Most PHI calibration procedures use HEX

Note that the PHI procedure may specify a different CSR bit that what is used on an RBD upgraded system.  When connected to a RBD 147, you need to select the CSR bit shown below.

147 DR11 output port
CSR J1 J7 J8 J9
PHI UNIT Description  
20-320 base=1 1 B
20-520 CS 0 A
20-520 DP 0 B
20-622 1 B
20-810 1 A
32-055 Digital 0 C
32-095 Digital 0 B
32-100 Digital 0 A
32-150 Digital 1 A
32-600 Digital 1 C
71-205 Digital 0 B
71-205-5 Digital 0 C
71-205-7 Digital 0 C
72-030 Digital 0 C
72-100 Digital 0 A
72-150 Digital 1 A
72-600 Digital 1 C
73-057 Digital 1 C
73-070 Digital 1 C
74-500 Dash IN B
74-500 Dash OUT D
77-067 Digital 0 A
77-070 CS 0 A
77-070 DP 0 B
80-360 Digital 1 A
80-360-1 Digital 1 A
80-365 Digital 1 A
80-366 Digital 1 A


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