Obsolete PHI units

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Obsolete PHI units

As many of you may know, RBD Instruments has been providing repair services and parts for old Physical Electronics (PHI) surface analysis systems and components for over 26 years. In fact, some of the electronic and optic units that we work on are over 45 years old!

As a result of aging electronic components in some of the very old units, or a lack of demand, we are discontinuing service on some PHI electronics and optics.

Where possible, in the list below we will offer newer alternative units as replacements.   We will also offer technical support if you want to try and repair the unit yourself. With our pricing model that has a cap on the maximum labor charge for electronics and optics it is not economically viable for us to repair these really old units. And if we were to charge the actual time that it may take to repair them, then that would not make fiscal sense for you as it may be less expensive to replace it with a newer unit.

The good news is that RBD Instruments still provides repair services and parts for most older PHI surface analysis systems and components.

Here is the list of obsolete PHI units:


96 V/F preamplifier (We still work on the 96A and 96B)

11-010 Electron gun control (Gray faced units, we still work on the Brown faced units)

11-055 analyzer control

11-500 Analyzer control (Gray faced units, we still work on the Brown faced units)

11-067 Ion gun control

11-069 DP scan control

18-040 10kV X-ray source high voltage control

18-080 Electron gun control

18-085 Electron gun control

18-600 Balzers Quad control

20-005 2kV ion gun control

20-095 X-ray source control

77-067 Ion gun control

PC137A Interface card



04-151 10 kV X-ray source

04-300 ion gun

10-540 Manipulator

15-600 specimen stage


5 thoughts on “Obsolete PHI units

  1. Recently, we have got a 04-300 ion gun and 11-067 controller. But both of them don’t have manuals. Would you like to send me the manuals? I found that the filament of 04-300 is broken, can I buy a replacement kit?

    Songbin Cui
    POSTECH, South Korea

  2. Randy,

    We have a 03-300 ion gun in our lab. There is a problem with its start-up. Do you guys still keep the old manuals for these parts?

    University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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