Super easy email blacklist

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To summarize this post here in case you don’t have the time to read the whole post, if you get a lot of spam emails then I would recommend that you DO NOT GET RACKSPACE web mail.

Our company switched to Rackspace web-mail about three years ago and although overall it has been reliable and easy to navigate, there is one aspect that is excruciatingly painful to use – adding an email address or domain to the Rackspace blacklist so that it will be blocked from that point on.   I have contacted Rackspace about this many times over the last 3 years to try and have them add a one click super easy email blacklist button (like they have for Add to Contacts) but I have never gotten a response back. When I have called and spoken with some of their reps about this issue it turns out that the reps do not even use Rackspace for their emails, they use other programs for their emails. And they acknowledge that adding email or web addresses to the Rackspace blacklist is time consuming.

The Rackspace help page states that you can add an email address or domain to the Rackspace black list in as FEW as 6 steps. Here is a link to the help page on Rackspace:

But unless you want to write the email address or domain down on a piece of paper and the type the information in by hand, it actually takes 13 steps to add an email address or domain to the Rackspace blacklist:

  1. Open the email
  2. Click on name in email file – an email dialog box will open
  3. Copy the email address or domain
  4.  Close new email – do not save
  5.  Click on box next to your name in upper right hand corner of the Rackspace email dialog box
  6.  Select settings
  7.  Click spam settings
  8.  Click blacklist
  9.  Click add
  10.  Paste email or domain address into box
  11.  Click Add
  12.  Click Save
  13.  Then you can delete the email that you want to block

Most email programs allow you to block an email or domain by simply right clicking the email. I guess that the folks at Rackspace did not give their web-mail a lot of thought when they were in the design phase. Or maybe they use some other program for their personal and business emails. I am not a programmer myself, but I don’t think that it would be that hard to add a link to the blacklist similar to what Rackspace already has for adding a contact to the address book. I do know that I waste time every day when I add junk email addresses and domains to the Rackspace blacklist. I need to blacklist the junk emails otherwise they just keep coming back.

If you are a Rackspace user also find the process for adding an email or domain to the blacklist to be cumbersome and a time-waster, please forward this blog post to the link below. Maybe if Rackspace hears from enough users they will move this feature request up the list of priorities.

Contact Rackspace by clicking on this link and then paste this blog link or the text from this blog into the chat. The sales person will then forward the feature request to the appropriate department.