Auger Spectroscopy

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Auger Spectroscopy (AES) is a nondestructive and semi-quantitative surface analysis technique that works well for elemental analysis of surfaces on UHV compatible conductive and semi-conductive materials.  It is well suited for the analysis of thin films and coatings.

This ultra-high vacuum technique has high surface sensitivity (<100 Å) and a low detection limit.  It can detect all elements except hydrogen and helium.

Following are links to a variety of Auger Electron Spectroscopy tutorials which explain in detail the principles of AES, the instrumentation, and the applications:

Wellesley College AES  (pdf)

Hong Kong City EDU AES (pdf)

University of Delaware AES (pdf)

Johns Hopkins University Principles of AES

Auger_Electron Spectroscopy ( Power point download)

RBD Instruments’ microCMA is an affordable compact Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) cylindrical mirror analyzer package which is small enough to add to existing vacuum chambers.  For applications which require elemental information on the top most mono layers of specimens, AES can be the perfect solution. More information…


Click on the above image for a short video demo about the microCMA

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