XP support has ended

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On April 8th 2014 Microsoft has stopped providing XP support and the result is that PCs still using XP are vulnerable to security threats. As a result, many companies are moving to Windows 7 or 8. Most companies are using 7 as it has been a stable Microsoft operating system that many people are comfortable with. Windows 8 is a programming abomination (I’m just saying), although Microsoft is making it more like 7 as updates become available.

So, now that XP support has ended, what are your options for the PC that you use for your PHI surface analysis system? If you have an existing RBD AugerScan or AugerMap software upgrade product and our RBD 147 PC interface unit, then you can follow the instructions in this post to port your hardware and software over to a new Windows 7 PC.  If you are running Physical Electronics (PHI) software and have XP please contact us more information about our PC upgrades for older PHI X-ray photoelectron (XPS) and Auger (AES) surface analysis systems and subsystems.

Move from XP to 7 procedure:

  1. Print out each of the hardware and multiplier properties dialog boxes in the AugerScan program. The easiest way to do that is to copy/paste each screen into Paint and then print them. Or, you can copy/paste them into Word so that you have all of the settings in one document. You will need to enter these settings into the new PC so that all the hardware control and calibrations stay the same as on your present PC.
  2. If you have RBD’s AugerMap program, print out each of the dialog boxes under System – Properties. You will need to enter these settings into the new PC.
  3. Go to the software download page at the RBD website – https://www.rbdinstruments.com/products/system-pc-upgrades.html .On this page you can download the Win 7 driver and update files. Please read the information and follow the instructions EXACTLY. The Win 7 drivers also work for Win 8.
  4. Note the version number of your software in the Help – About dialog box for AugerScan and AugerMap. If you have the latest release software but can’t find your CDs, you can download the executables from the bottom of the download page. If your AugerScan or AugerMap version is different than the latest release on the RBD downloads page and you can’t find a copy of your program, please contact us before proceeding to get a copy of your specific AugerScan or AugerMap program sent to you.
  5. Install the Win 7 PCI driver onto your new PC.
  6. Move the RBD PCI interface card over from your old PC to your new PC. When you turn on your new PC the drivers should load automatically. If not, direct Windows to the RBD 7 driver files.
  7. Install AugerScan and AugerMap onto your new PC.
  8. Run AugerScan and AugerMap and load in all of the hardware and multiplier properties values from your old PC.

Finally, if your new PC has only PCIe expansion slots and no PCI slots, RBD now provides PCIe interface cards for our 147 unit. Most newer PCs no longer have PCI expansion slots but do have PCIe expansion slots. Note that the PCIe interface card requires different drivers than the PCI interface card.  For a limited time we will take in your old RBD PCI card and give you a $100.00 trade-in credit towards the purchase of a new PCIe interface card.  Contact us for more information at sales at rbdinstruments dot com.

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