Imaging on a PHI scanning auger electron microprobe

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This topic is something that we still get regular requests for information about. I first wrote this tech tip back in 2004 to summarize the training that we perform when installing a PHI 660 scanning auger electron microprobe.  It still comes in handy today, especially in university labs where the system operators change on a regular basis.  AES Imaging Procedure

660 Scanning Auger electron microprobe

PHI 660 Scanning Auger with RBD 147 PC upgrade


The most common source of trouble with imaging on a PHI scanning auger electron microprobe is simply that it is time to replace the Lab6 filament. If you need a new filament for your older PHI scanning auger electron microprobe, RBD provides the filaments for about 1/2 of what they can cost elsewhere.

Still need some help imaging?   Feel free to contact us for more information.

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