Electron multipliers for older PHI AES and XPS systems

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4831G Channeltron Electron Multiplier

The original channeltron and channel plate electron multipliers for the older PHI (Physical Electronics) AES and XPS systems are still available through Photonis.  The cost of these parts has increased substantially in the last few years, so be prepared for sticker shock the next time you need a channeltron or a set of channel plates!

Here are the Photonis part numbers for the different PHI systems:

Model NumberWhere usedPhotonis Part Number
4831G15-255G, 25-120, 25-120A, 25-130, 25-270 and 25-260 cylindrical mirror analyzers. 06-600 SIMS, 590 through 660 scanning AES systems30129
483910-150 and 10-155 CMA30131
48215100, 5300 and 5400 XPS systems 10-360 SCA single channel detector30117
PSD detector channel plate matched set EDR5400 XPS system 10-360 SCA PSD  position sensitive detector30300
MCD chevron plate set EDR5500 through 5800 XPS 10-360 SCA MCD 16 channel detector30410

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One thought on “Electron multipliers for older PHI AES and XPS systems

  1. Sticker shock? No, real stickler shock is when you price out the cost of a new system with similar capabilities to a well maintained older phi system. And then discover that the annual service contract equals the full cost of the instrument over the course of ten years. And that the instrument is scrap after ten years because Microsoft says so. And you cannot just replace the control system because the control computer has too many proprietary cards which are mostly hooked into proprietary ASICS or fpga’s containing undocumented functionality. RBD, you were my company’s heroes even though our managers never fully appreciated that.

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