Synchronizing and Identifying Multiple 9103 Picoammeters

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four pico ammetersTwo exciting new features are now available for the 9103 Picoammeter: Synchronization and Device Identification. These features transform the 9103 from a single current measurement device to a multi-channel picoammeter. Up to 127 channels!


Picoammeter Synchronization

Synchronization is provided by RBD’s free Actuel picoammeter control and display software. Multiple instances of the software now communicate start and stop information for sampling and recording of data. Additional features are also being added to facilitate exporting and combining of data-sets from multiple picoammeters. While the synchronization is not time sample-accurate, this small offset will not be an issue for most applications.

The newest version of RBD’s Actuel software (1.3) is now available. This update includes additional features such as the ability to run in either Windows Admin or User mode.

actuel picoammeter sampleactuel picoammeter graphe

Device Identification

9103 firmware now includes the ability to set a unique string identifier for your 9103 Picoammeter. The ID can be easily changed at any time by the user, and is recalled when the 9103 is powered off/on. This makes it easier to identify 9103 Picoammeters in a multiple-unit environment.

All new 9103’s will include this feature; existing units can be upgraded for a nominal fee and shipping charge.

More information on the 9103 Picoammeter can be found on our website.



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