9103 Picoammeter Actuel Update: Micro Window Display

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UPDATE: A new Actuel Beta featuring the micro window display is now available.

The Problem: Using Actuel to control and measure current with the 9103 Picoammeter takes up valuable screen real estate:

Actuel is RBD’s Windows application for controlling the 9103 USB Picoammeter. It also provides features like measuring, recording, and graphing current. Although the data recording and graphing display is a separate, optional window, the controller  and measurement window still take up quite a bit of screen real estate.  Sometimes, you just want to display the current unobtrusively while performing other work on your PC.

The Solution: A “Micro” version of the Actuel window that displays only the current and stability.

In response to customer requests, we’ve added a miniature display option to Actuel. By selecting an option in the main window, you can instruct Actuel to display a smaller window when minimized. This windows is much smaller than the main form, yet large enough to be viewed at some distance – a handy feature in many lab environments.

This “micro” window can be moved anywhere on screen and is always displayed on top of other windows. This allows you to use other applications (like RBD’s AugerScan) while simultaneously monitoring current without taking up precious screen real estate. The micro current display window provides a subset of the information available from the 9103 Picoammeter, including the current measurement and polarity, the sampling status, and the range status. There is also an warning overlaid upon the current measurement should the sample be unstable.

If you are using more than one 9103 Picoammeter and running multiple instances of Actuel, you can display a separate window for each 9103. The “micro” window displays the firmware identifier for each individual 9103 picoammeter so you can keep track of which 9103 Picoammeter each display is associated with.

This feature is just one of many additional features coming to Actuel, which will include a data display cursor, and auto-save-to-file while sampling. As always, Actuel is free for all owners of a 9103 Picoammeter! Meanwhile, you can download the most recent version of Actuel here:

Download Actuel for the 9103 USB Picoammeter

More Information on the 9103 USB Picoammeter

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