50-096 X-ray source control DLL using Windows 10

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50-096 X-ray source DLL installation and setup for Windows 10


The 50-096 X-ray source control uses a RS232 serial port to communicate with the PC.    AugerScan talks to a Phi 50-096 DLL that in turn communicates with the 50-096.    This DLL was originally written for old 32 bit XP PCs and there are some tricks involved with getting it to install and operate correctly on a Windows 10 machine.

Note that the RS232 cable needs to be a straight rough type. Most newer PCs do not have a RS232 port so you will need to get a USB to RS232 adaptor.

The steps involved are as follows:

  1. Copy the 50-096 DLL to the windows/SysWOW64 folder
  2. Register the 50-096 DLL
  3. Set up the Com port

Step 1.  Copy the 50-096 DLL to the PC.    You can copy it anywhere on the PC, but initially copy it to the AugerScan directory.

Step 2.  Register the 50-096 DLL.  

  1. Right click on the Start icon and select Command Prompt (Admin).   Or if that does not work, search for Command Prompt and Run as Admin
  2. Type cd\Windows\SysWOW64 then press enter
  3. Type regSvr32 Model_50_096.dll and press enter

You should get a message that indicates that the Model_50_096.dll was registered.  

Step 3.  Set up the com port.

  1. Type Registry Editor in the search box and then run the registry editor as Admin
  3. Add a new string (which will add a new key)
  4. Name the new key ComPort
  5. Verify the type of key is REG_SZ
  6. Put in the com port number that you are connecting to the 50-096.  It needs to be COM (all caps) plus the com port number.  So for example, COM3.
  7. The 50-096 operates at 9600 baud with no parity and 8 data bits.

The 50-096 in now ready to operate with AugerScan.

Note: When first turned on, the Model 50-096 X-ray source power supply needs to be programmed to operate at 15 keV. To do this, perform the following steps:

1. Press the Local button under Control Select.

2. Press the Start button for the Water Pump.

3. Press the High Voltage button above the keypad.

4. Press the Display/Enter Setpoints button above the keypad. (LED should light.)

5. Press 1 – 5 – 0 – # on the keypad.

6. Press the remote button under Control Select. The 50-096 will retain the 15 keV setting until it is manually turned off or there is a power interruption.

Once this is set up AugerScan will automatically turn the 50-096 source on and off during and after acquisitions.  

Tip:   If you program in 12 or 13kV then that is what will be used when the 50-096 is turned on.

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