20-327 Beam Voltage Adjustment

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This post is about how to adjust the 20- 327 2kV beam voltage for the elastic peak.

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20-327 beam voltage adjustment

The 20-327 electron gun control is used on the Physical Electronics 610 series scanning auger electron systems.  The 20-327 is also a replacement for the obsolete 18-080 and 18-085 electron gun controls.

20-327 front panel

20-327 front panel

Once you have adjusted your elastic peak for best shape with max counts you will need to adjust your 20-327 R47 for proper alignment of the beam voltage calibration. Please read all of procedure before proceeding.

1)    Place a piece of clean copper in your system, Run an alignment and adjust your Z axis until you get good counts with good shape. Not one or the other but both.


3)    You will not care about the position of the peak we will adjust this in the 20-327.

4)    Acquire a survey and adjust the AES scale factor located in hardware properties until your copper peak is at 920 differentiated. Remember in the scale factor adjustment higher value lowers the peak and lower values raise the peak

5)    Next run an alignment and see where your elastic peak is located. If peak is not at 2K move on to steps 6,7and 8.

6)     Turn the gun off in the software. Turn off the 20-327 drop down the front panel of the 20-327 and extend the bottom board (if you do not have an extender it will take you longer but can be adjusted.

7)    Adjust R47 located toward the back of the board located in diagram 1

8)    Adjust half a turn; replace the board and power up the 20-327 and Augermap software.   Run an alignment determine the direction the pot moves the peak. Adjust accordingly until your alignment is right on 2KV and then run a survey and make sure your Cu1 peak is 920 diff. If peak is not perfect run procedure (step 3 to 8 until elastic peak and Cu1 are in proper positional alignment).

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