Ultra-thin flexible ceramic sheet

In the last few years there have been some remarkable advances in the area of ultra-thin  flexible ceramic materials.

ENrG has developed a 20uM thin  flexible ceramic sheet which can be bent or rolled (within limits) without breaking. We tested some of their sheets for high voltage breakdown related to one of our products and were able to achieve over 2500 V DC in air. This is impressive considering how thin the material is.

And since the material is so thin it is practically transparent to heat as shown in this video –http://www.enrg-inc.com/demonstration-videos

This new material has applications for a wide range of new product development including ultra-high vacuum optics, electronics, solar cells and membranes.

For more information or to order an evaluation kit contact Kathy Olenick at 716-873-2939   or email at KOlenick@enrg-inc.com

Visit ENrG’s website at http://www.enrg-inc.com/