Surface Analysis Instrumentation
microCMA AES Spectrometer
Direct Replacement (PHI)
Refurbished & Used Systems
Refurbished & Used Electronics
Refurbished & Used Optics


Water-vapor Desorption
mini Z


Viewports & Laser coatings


Current Measurement
9103 USB Picoammeter


Sputter Ion Sources
IG2 2 kV Ion Source Package
IG3 3 kV Ion Source Package
3 kV Ion Source Package
High-Performance Ion Source Packages


Vacuum Related
3.5 CFM
TC Gauges
Magnetic Load Lock
Ion Gauge Filaments


PHI Upgrades
AugerScan / AugerMap

Free Equipment

We have closed the Free Equipment drawing. If you contacted RBD regarding a free item you will be notified soon on whether or not you won an item. If for any reason a winner cannot pay for the shipping of an item then another name will be drawn.


Thank you for participating and helping our Free Equipment find some use rather than end up in a landfill!



The following units are available for FREE as-is unless otherwise indicated. You only need to pay shipping charges (that includes shipping materials and for larger items, a small handling charge).

We have some other free vacuum consoles and chambers that are not shown here. For more information, please contact us at 541-330-0723 x 310 or



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