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Water Vapor Desoprtion Systems





microCMA cylindrical mirror analyzer

Affordable Auger Electron Spectroscopy

Thermal Desorption Spectrometer

High sensitivity TPD


Water Vapor Desorption

UVB-100 · IRB-100 · ZCuve · mini Z

Remove water vapor from a vacuum chamber w/o heat using UVC or with heat using IR


DC Current Measurement

9103 USB Picoammeter

Accurately measure electron and ion current


Sputtering Ion Gun Sources

IG2 (2 kV) · IG3 (3 kV) · 3 kV Large Area · High-Performance

Affordable sputter ion source packages

Custom coated UHV Viewports

Ultra high vacuum viewports with anti-reflective coating & custom laser coatings

Parts & Services



Refurbished Physical Electronics

XPS AES Surface Analysis Systems · Upgrades · CasaXPS

Rebuilt systems meet original specifications and include a one year warranty

Optics · Electronics

Wide selection of affordable refurbished equipment at the lowest prices anywhere - warranty included

PHI Maintenance Services

Technical Support · Repair · Field Service


PHI (Perkin-Elmer) Components

Electronics · Optics · Vacuum Related

Replacement parts for older PHI / Physical Electronics / Perkin Elmer surface analysis systems

Vacuum Components and Expendables

Copper Gaskets · Ion Gauge Filaments · TC Gauges
3.5 CFM Mechanical Pump / Magnetic Load Lock

A wide variety of vacuum products at low prices




New Water Vapor Desorption Product

Our latest Water Vapor Desorption product is a compact 1000 watt lamp that can more easily fit on smaller vacuum chambers. For analytical vacuum chambers the IRB-1000 provides you with an easier way to bake your vacuum chamber; you do not need to remove any cables or realign the system. Contact us for more information!

Prevac Effusion Cell Sale

EF40C1 Effusion Cell

prevac effusion cell ef40c1Suitable for use in all MBE systems.
Special pricing until June 30, 2015.

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